8 April 2013

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - Can I really make money?

One of the most common ways people make money online  at home on the internet is with Affiliate Marketing. 

When I was starting out with Affiliate Marketing I found lots of information on the internet about Affiliate Marketing but not many sites that really explained what it really is in layman's terms for a beginner. With so much internet jargon mixed in it just wasn't give me an easy answer to exactly How I could make money online?

The easiest way to explain it is to use a simple analogy:
How to get money with affiliate marketing
How to get money with affiliate marketing

Imagine you own a shop in a large shopping centre (aka your website) and get loads of customers every day (aka internet traffic) who come into your store. You sell your own product line such as a line of all natural cosmetics (aka online store)

But you don't sell enough of those to make the money you want so you start advertising other people's products in your shop as well (affiliate products). If anyone buys their product you will get say between 10- 50% of the sale price paid to you once a month as a referral (aka affiliate commission).

So if 10 customers buy something worth $20  with 50% commission that's an extra $100 per week in your pocket for selling other people's products! And even better, i what they buy has a monthly subscription you could be making $10 per week (recurring commissions) for as long as they are a member.

Make money with affiliate marketing
Make money with Affiliate marketing

All you have to do is select the products that complement your own product line so the shopper is more likely to buy it. eg if your store (aka website) sells or provides information about weight loss, then you should choose other people's products (aka affiliate products) to sell such as weight loss books (aka weight loss ebook) or weight loss programs (aka training ebooks). 

Once you have chosen some products to sell all you have to do is advertise them in your store (aka on your website). You don't even have to design the adds yourself as you they are provided for you

The best part is you don't have to physically sell the product to the customer you just have to advertise it to them and hope they buy. eg you just give them a brochure (aka online ad) which includes a promotional code (aka a code embedded into the URL) that ensures YOU get the referral comission.

The other great thing is you don't have to ship anything to the customer - it is shipped or emailed by the product owner automatically (aka emailed to them). You won't even realise you have sold anything until you check your sales reports (affiliate reports). You physicaly don't have to do a single thing!

Make money online easy
Make money online - easy

 Therefore affiliate marketing is simply advertising other people's products on your websites and getting paid commissions when they are sold without you having to do anything. It's a simple as that!

One common way to find affliate products to promote on your website or blogg is to join Clickbank.com . It's free to join and lets you browse and choose from hundreds of online produdcts to promote such as ebooks, training courses, software etc. Once you have chosen a product, you will get a special URL to promote on your site as well as professioal advertisements you can use on your site. 

You can have your commissions paid to you in a variety of ways such as bank deposit, cheques etc depending on volume of sales and where you live.

How to make money online with clickbank affiliate program
How to Make Money Online With Clickbank Affiliate Program

 So affiliate marketing is not hard at all - anyone can learn to do it.  

HOWEVER what most people don't tell you is that the hard part is getting traffic to your website. As only a small number of people who come to your site will actually buy eg 1 in 200 people, you need to generate bucket loads of traffic to your website to make enough sales to add up to decent money.  

Generating bucket loads of traffic to your website and getting high google rankings is a whole other marketing exercise and I would say definately the hardest part of affiliate marketing.

But don't let me put you off. Loads of people definately get money from affiliate marketing - you just have to break it down and tackle one piece at a time.

I hope this has been helpful for affiliate beginners!