13 April 2013

YouTube - How To Benefit From Video Marketing

I don't know what you think about sitting down in front of a video camera and giving a presentation for YouTube into how to benefit an area of an Internet business.
Personally, I have to say, I did not fancy it at the start. Once you do a couple, however, it becomes easier and eventually quite enjoyable.

How to Make Money Online - Video Marketing
Get Traffic To Your Website To Make Money - Create a YouTube Video

Making a video to load onto YouTube can help your business to grow and build your online authority and reputation.

YouTube is such a popular site these days, that it now ranks as the 2nd/3rd most used search engine on the web. This being the case, let's look at how we can use this development to bring more traffic to your website.

For the purpose of this article, let's use an example video that would be easy to create and add to YouTube. Of course, if you choose to do this, you will need to pick a theme that is relevant to your website and your products.

Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are those that provide information on how to do something. For the purposes of demonstration, in this example, I'm going to share with you how to go about making a video on Traffic.

A video on 'how to get traffic to a website' could perform very well as it would not only show up in the YouTube search engine results but in Google's too.

A simple video could be created by recording yourself talking about perhaps the 'How to get More traffic to your Blog'. You could write a script and then speak in front of your webcam to record a video and post this.

Alternatively, if you don't like the idea of being in front of the camera, you could create a video by demonstrating each method on your computer screen and recording it with a tool such as CamStudio (which is free as it's an open source piece of software). You would just need to add a voiceover or record it simultaneously.

If you decide to use a tool such as CamStudio, you might want to break the different methods down into 10 different videos, so that you have a series.

This can in itself work very well as people start to look for the other parts if you make it obvious that each one is part of a series. For example you could title it: "Top 10 Ways to Build Traffic - Part 1 - Article Marketing" and then demonstrate how article marketing is undertaken. Then the other videos could be made to complete the set.

Alternatively, another way to create videos is to make a slideshow and use CamStudio to record as each slide is paged through with an added voiceover.

When you create a video to add to YouTube, it is vital that you add your website to the video. If you decide to speak to the camera, then you should make sure that your website address URL is in view in addition to adding your URL to the completed video.
In addition add the URL as the first line in the video description. Remember to keyword your video too when you add it to YouTube.

By creating a simple, but informative and engaging video that links back to your site, it is possible to bring back a fair amount of traffic. For other ideas, take a look at what your competition have added to YouTube and mix their ideas with your own for improved results.
However, it's only the well thought out videos that can secure the success that marketeers are seeking. Here we run through the points that anybody who is looking to make a marketing video will need to be aware of:

Make it as professional as possible.
This doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot of money on shooting it in a studio, it just means that you need to attend to the minor details such as ensuring that there is not a lot of background noise. Take a few test shots so that you can see for yourself how well the lighting is working for you and what there is on show in the background.

Develop your script.
Not only will you want to ensure that you cover all the important messages that you want to get across, but you'll want to provide some sort of structure for your viewers. You'll even be able to offer the script as part of an upgrade offer with your products too for extra income.

Make watching your video an option. 

Nobody likes to be forced to watch a video. Sites that I visit that play a video and cannot be turned off just make me want to leave. Leave the auto-play feature for other people to use - and offer the video with an introduction on what it covers.

The most effective videos are usually educational in nature. You might want to offer a podcast version of the video too - so that it's not essential to watch a video but one can listen to audio.

There are many different ways that a video can be tweaked to be effective at getting a message across and hopefully for bringing in the profits.

But creating a professional video with a script that can be watched as an option will most certainly help your website visitors get the best from it.

 By Havid H Pool. Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?YouTube---How-To-Benefit-From-Video-Marketing&id=7528882