10 April 2013

How to submit your website to Google

One you have created your website or blog and are ready for others to start finding it in the search engines if it hasn't been picked up already,  you should submit your website to Google and other search engines for indexing.

Google has the most traffic so it should be your first priority.  

To get your website indexed by Google is a very simple task - it took no more than 14 hours for my blogg to be indexed and available in Google:

Visit this site Submit website to Google

Click on the "Add your URL" link under Website Owner
Make money online by adding your website to Google
Add your website to Google

Enter your website's URL (plus the Google security check)
How to make money online - submit your url to google
Submit your URL to google

ALL DONE! Now you wait. 
That was so easy wasn't it - shame everything isn't that easy :)

Now you'll be waiting with baited breath to find out if and when your website has been indexed. 


About 14 hours after I submitted the url for this blogg to Google, I was dying to check if it had been indexed yet. I wasn't expecting it but to my amazement and excitement I found that it has already been indexed. So 14 hours is pretty good right? Mind you there's really no way to know if Google picked it up automatically as I had started blogging a few days before or if it was because of the submission that morning. Either way it was very exciting!

The way I checked it was to go to google and type the word site: then my url without the http://)

Make money online - check if your website has been indexed by google
How to check if your site has been indexed by google

 If your site has been successfully indexed by Google ie is now available to be found in google then your website will appear on the page. If your website doesn't appear and you just get a list of other websites then you will need to come back again later and check again.

Hope this has helped you to submit your own site to google!