21 April 2013

Top 10 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways in which you can earn a decent living: by working for a corporation, by owning a business, or by being a freelancer. However, each of these methods of earning a living have their shortcomings, the most important being that you are limited to how much money you can make. One very productive activity made possible by the advent of Internet is affiliate marketing. This type of activity allows you to make thousands of dollars, while working far less than you would for a boss. Sounds good, right? 

And this is not all; here are the top 10 benefits of affiliate marketing that may just make you quit your daily job.

No setup fees
Any business, offline or online, costs money. When it comes to affiliate marketing, these costs are virtually brought down to zero. The only things you need are a computer, an Internet connection, and some free software to help you write content for your website. That's all!

Free memberships
Affiliate programs, even the most successful, do not usually charge new members for signing in with them. This means that you will only need to think about how to make money, not spend it!

The ever-flowing stream of cash
With affiliate marketing, you can build a continuous source of money. Unlike businesses run in real life, your affiliate marketing business works while you are home, in bed, sleeping as your physical presence is not required to keep it working.

Unlimited profit possibilities
Productive activities are usually limited in how much money they can generate for you. This is not how things work when you get involved in affiliate marketing programs. The only limits are set by you and no one else.

No cash spent on developing new products and services
As an affiliate, you do not have to worry about developing new products and services. You are only selling them, so all these expenses are supported by the company making them, not by you.

A virtually unlimited market of goods and services
The best part about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to settle for a single product or service. You can join as many programs as you can handle, and start selling so you can maximize your profit.

You do not handle money processing directly
You do not have to worry about frauds, charge backs and other problems related to money processing. As an affiliate, you are only an intermediary and you do not handle such stuff directly.

You do not need storage space
You can end up selling really large items as an affiliate marketer. However, this does not mean that they will take up space in your living room. All the storage responsibilities belong to those producing the items up for sale, not you.

You do not have to worry about shipping fees
Everything is handled by the network you work for as an affiliate marketer. This means that shipping fees will never fall in your lap, so you basically risk nothing.
You do not have to provide customer support.

Whenever a customer has a problem with an item sold to them, they will be directed to the specialized service of the company making the goods or providing the service. Customer support is not your responsibility, either.

Written by Lina Stakauskaite, Article Source http://ezinearticles.com/?Top-10-Benefits-of-Affiliate-Marketing&id=7627238