21 April 2013

What is Video Marketing on YouTube Compared to Google?

What is video marketing on YouTube and how does it differ from video marketing on Google? You would think the answer would be the same since Google owns YouTube, but your methods of marketing videos on both platforms may have to change.
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The answer isn't always so clear-cut. People searching for answers to questions on YouTube expect to see a video. That's easy to understand because viewers are looking for a video response to their question.

Google, on the other hand, won't always follow the same script. Yes, if you have your meta-data (title, keywords and description) properly optimized there is a good chance your YouTube video will get ranked on the first page of Google as well.

Let's look at some factors that will help you get your video ranked on the first page of YouTube. Your meta-data is the absolute key to getting ranked on page one. If you don't provide great meta-data to YouTube, how are they going to figure it out and place your video in the right category?

Google tends to like informational keywords to rank videos. Informational keywords start with phrases like: "How to" or "What is" or "Why does". Why is this true? Informational keywords generally don't have paid per click advertising along the right vertical sidebar.
Google will tend to put videos on page one for informational keyword phrases because the videos are describing "how to" do something because viewers are looking for free answers to their problems.

Now if you look at commercial intent keywords, you will generally find a completely different scenario. It is much more difficult to get a YouTube video ranked on Google if Google knows it can charge advertisers to be on page one. Don't believe me; check it out for yourself.
Go to the Google Keyword Tool and type a keyword into the search bar. Take a look at the keywords that have high advertising costs (PPC). Type those words into the Google search bar and see how often videos show up on page one.

Google will rank your informational keyword videos on page one if you do provide them with outstanding meta-data or video SEO. This will happen far less frequently with commercial intent keywords.

In addition to the informational keyword phrases mentioned earlier, phrases that include words like demonstration, tutorial, review, video, walk-through and preview can serve you well on Google.

Video marketing on YouTube can be different compared to Google, but you have a real opportunity to get ranked on the first page of the two largest search engines in the world if you provide them with great meta-data and use informational keywords strategically.

Written by Ray Riecher, Article Source http://ezinearticles.com/?What-Is-Video-Marketing-On-YouTube-Compared-To-Google?&id=7628302